Top 5 Dropshipping Myths Debunked for Good

Dropshipping might seem like easy money to a lot of people, and why wouldn’t it? There’s simply no inventory, packaging, or delivery involved. But if this term is new for you, let us enlighten you. Dropshipping is an order fulfillment technique where a dropshipper doesn’t require purchasing and stocking inventory. They only need to transmit the order details to third-party vendors, who’ll then pack and ship respective orders on the seller’s behalf. 

Starting a dropshipping store is basically hassle-free. This business model is an excellent option for people who are tired of their monotonous 9 to 5 office jobs and wish to start their own online store. Even though the thought of starting and running a business without any requirements of cash flow sounds exciting, you should be well prepared before hastening into the e-commerce world. 

After researching dropshipping, you will often encounter several myths that might leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. A few of these myths can be profoundly discouraging and frustrating and disappoint people. But remember, maybe everything you heard about dropshipping wasn’t correct. This article looks at the top 5 dropshipping myths debunked and facts laid out straight so you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

Myth No. 1: Dropshipping Makes You Rich Super-Fast

During your research, you might have stumbled across some influencers or YouTubers sharing videos or similar content, guaranteeing you to become rich instantly with dropshipping. In reality, they make fake promises for the sake of making money through affiliate commissions

This kind of content is not only dangerous but what they teach can be incredibly misleading. Not obtaining the desired results is a significant reason why so many dropshippers quit the idea. 

While most dropshipping success stories you have read are true, it is also true that none of these sellers turned rich overnight. The success of dropshipping business calls for extensive studying and testing, and analyzing proven strategies. These things take time, and you simply cannot do it quickly.

Starting your own dropshipping store and running it can be challenging. So, be prepared to invest your energy and time both to obtain the desired results. It takes time for a business to grow and mature. If you start a dropshipping store while setting an unrealistic set of goals and based on the expectation you will become rich overnight, you will only end up being disappointed. 

Myth No. 2: Dropshipping Is Easy 

A widespread dropshipping myth is that customers will rush to your store if you start a dropshipping store and create just one ad. Unfortunately, dropshipping isn’t that easy, and things don’t work that way.

Mostly, people jump into the business even when they have never built one before. Their stores are primarily incomplete with missing images, placeholder texts, and mismatching colors. So, if you expect to create an e-commerce store in just the snap of a finger, prepare to end up being extremely disappointed with the lack of customers and lack of sales.

The more effort you give into designing your store, choosing the right products, and marketing those products to your target audience, the more money you can make in the long run. People who think dropshipping is easy are gravely mistaken because they are only just seeing the end result.

However, before the actual big payday, it takes months of experiments, failure, some more experiments, and even more failures to build your own online store. This is something most people are not really seeing. 

Myth No. 3: You Can Only Dropship Products To and From the U.S

Most new dropshippers situated in the United States will solely focus on the U.S market as it is the world’s 3rd most populated country with a huge population of approximately 328 million. 

Most people feel it is typically easier and more convenient to create stores and provide customer support in their native language. Still, solely focusing on one market might result in a significant loss of opportunities to reach out to other countries with lesser competition, where the market is less saturated. 

So, counter to what this myth states, you can actually drop ship products to any part of the world. There are no restrictions imposed on dropshipping products in any given country. However, you must note that some locations might have product limitations and shipping risks involved compared to others. 

In addition, based on where your supplies are located and the couriers they use for shipping products, each destination might have different shipping costs and timings. Besides the United States, some of the most accessible regions and countries for dropshipping products are the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. This allows you to expand your reach and scale into other countries.

Thus, this dropshipping myth is debunked for good because you can drop ship products anywhere in the world, from any part of the world. You just need to ensure your customers in other parts of the world can look up your products through search, ads, or social media, so you can sell your products to them too. 

Myth No. 4: People Do Not Buy From Unknown Stores or Brands

One has to be naïve to believe that nobody will buy products from a dropshipping store that you have just started. If the assumption that only well-known stores can acquire new customers and thrive in the dropshipping business was true; the vast number of unknown dropshippers on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc., would have already bid farewell. 

At this point, several dropshipping stores can confirm and prove that whatever is being sold matters more than who is selling it. Nobody even bothers to think about the vendors because all customers are interested in receiving the product they saw you were promoting. 

Once you have learned how to find and market profitable and possibly the most viral products, your dropshipping store should take off well and sell products successfully, even if it’s not very popular. 

Keeping up-to-date on low competition-stirring products in the most lucrative niches can also be of great help. Online publications and magazines typically publish news on these kinds of niches and products. Hence, you can tap into these e-commerce resources to keep watch on more profitable product ideas for your dropshipping store. 

As long as you offer the products that personally appeal to your audience, combined with the excellent customer service they truly deserve, it will be significantly easier to lure in potential customers and retain your existing and repeat buyers.

Myth No. 5: Dropshipping Success Case Studies and Stories Are Untrue

If you believe that every dropshipping success story or case study you see on the Internet is made-up or fake, then you are being misguided.

These stories are generally honest and have acted as the most significant motivational factor for many dropshippers and potential individuals planning to test their luck in this particular online space. Hence, this dropshipping myth needs to be debunked for good!

Some of the very successful million dollar e-commerce brands out there such as BlendJet and Happy Skin Co. started with the dropshipping model. Once they found their winning product, they further customized the product and built a bigger brand around it.

There are many real stories of successfully running dropshipping stores that started from scratch. So, the marketing strategies do work. With the efforts and time you invest, you can uncover an array of possibilities and create a success story of your own.

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Start Your Own Dropshipping Business with Launchers Academy

Now that we have debunked the most popular drop shipping myths, you probably feel a bit relieved and can see dropshipping from a different perspective. Dropshipping requires just as much hard work and patience as any business, but it is indeed an excellent way to make money online. 

Ultimately, the more you experiment with your dropshipping store, the closer you are to achieving success. Dropshipping isn’t as easy as people assume it to be, and there’s really so much to learn. 

Rest assured, the Launchers Academy helps you find out all about the most winning products and launch your own winning dropshipping store in just 90 days! We are a group of responsible dropshippers who have built this academy for people like you to become a part of the dropshipping world. 

Our time-proven strategies and methods aim to provide you with a holistic and straightforward process so you have all it takes to start and grow your own dropshipping business and see for yourself why these dropshipping myths need to be debunked for good. 

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